Min. Lillie Farmer


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Minister Lillie Linda Evangelina Farmer was born in Washington, DC. She moved to Lancaster with her mother at the age of 2. At the age of 3, she attended kindergarten at Higbee Elementary (now King Elementary), where she was later promoted from first to third grade, then attending Reigart Elementary School (now Bethel Harambee) where she was promoted from third to fifth grade. Lillie was 7 years old when she moved to Brockton, MA returning to Lancaster to live with her maternal grandparents at the age of 12.
When Lillie was 14, her mother and her siblings moved back to Lancaster and it was during her high school years that Lillie excelled in her classes completing her course of studies by the time she was 16. Since her mother thought she was too young to graduate from High School and did not want her hanging in the streets, her guidance counselor enrolled her in a work-study program where she was mentored in business and architecture through the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. Lillie graduated with honors from J.P. McCaskey in 1983. Lillie pursued her office experience working in Millersville University Office Services, eventually promoting to Secretary for the English Department. In 1985, Lillie sought a job with Thermacore, Inc. where she continues employment as the Human Resources Manager.
During her employment at Thermacore, and as a single parent, Lillie earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in African American Studies, graduating from Millersville University with honors. In her constant pursuit of knowledge, Lillie pursued her certification in Human Resources from Villa Nova University and took several courses in organizational development. More recently, in 2010, Lillie surrendered to her calling for ministry. She pursued her Masters in Counseling and Bible graduating from Cairn University.
Minister Farmer joined Bright Side Baptist Church when she was 14 years old. Since joining Bright Side, Lillie has served as a Sunday school teacher, sang on the Young Adult Choir, served as a Trustee, and served on various committees. Currently, Lillie serves as Support Services Ministry Leader, sings on the current Bright Side Baptist Church Choir, and has been a member of the Prison Ministry Team for more than 20 years.

Lillie is married to Charles Farmer. They share a blended family: Brandon, who is currently serving as a Sergeant in the Army, Charles, Jr., and Charlese who live in Maryland. Lillie says that every time she looks back over her life, she cannot help but feel awestruck when she realizes that nothing but the hand of God has been moving on her behalf.
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